tap tap this thing on?

Happy to ck my feed and see familiar faces I imagined long gone from here. Myself I still don't journal much due to lingering phobia of my asshat ex digging up shit on me. Not that theres any shit to find. My life it too busy for such things. Speaking of busy I'm stressed out and can't sleep but have a LOT to do this week. If you wanna see pics of my little life I'm a big fan of instagram and have an acct there under paintedmonkeytattoo. Any of you fine folks on IG?! I love to follow creative folks there.
Ok I'm pooped but wanted to say Hi into the darkness of this forgotten realm.
G'nite ever'body!

Neither lost or forgotten

Just damn busy!
Sam is now divorced!
I am a single mother of twin 5yr old redheads.
I share my lovely home with a loving man and my business has been relocated to a nearby spot that is 1000X better than my previous location.
I am happy as a clam. Mostly I haven't written here because motherhood, self employment and everything else going on has rolled right over me and who has time to journal with all that happening? Ok lots of folks but not so much me.
Working 7 days/wk takes its toll and being a single mother is a hard bargain but a wonderful one. Raising the boys in a separate environment from my ex is a good thing. We were never going to rediscover any happiness because he's just not the person I always wanted. It was fun and ok before the kids but he's not the marrying type or a caretaker unless forced and that is not what I want to spend the rest of my life around. My folks came to my rescue and helped me relocate both my home and business in a very short ammt of time and both new locations are far superior to the way I was living before. Big fenced back yard for the boys in a real house with parks nearby. Tiny little tattoo shop just the perfect size for lil ol me and another artist if ever I can find a reliable one.

I am still, despite 2 divorces, the marrying type. I want to settle down and have a partner with whom I can solve any problem great or small and who has a good sense of humor about it while getting on to business. I don't want to be afraid to ask for help or..or.. shit I am not going to drag the past into this. I want real love and as much caring as I can also give back. And that's a lot.

My love and housemate is all I could ask for and more. We have so much fun doing nothing. we have the same sense of humor and snuggle well.
I could go on and on about him but I have to get to work. go figure.

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been missing
going through a divorce
working 7 days/week when I can
cancellations make this not happen
but I do try
soo in love
with a Nice guy
happy in my new house and with my new shop and my whole new life in general
everything but this pesky divorce
he wants to string it out
i want it over for the good of the kiddos
he's an angry shit
and his new gf likes drama
fuel to his fire
but this weekend an outing out of town with the monkeys and love
happiness and gratitude
I practice it daily


Typing this from my phone
No internet at my home for the next few months
Summary of the past few missing months:
moved the shop
Proceeding w divorce
Happy as a clam
In a new home w a fenced back yard for the boys
Growing my hair out
Working my ass off to catch up on bills
Finally receiving child support (he left me in July)
Did I mention happy?
That's it for now!

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trying to build something better
things are more messed up than I'd ever imagined
but until all paths before me are closed I push forward
I'm trying to do something right
to move forward with conviction and a set of beliefs
refocused on the Future as a strong thing with loving ties

I trust in the nothing that moves me along
and the winds I create to sail
I steer knowing the currents have their own ideas
and chop across the waves to make it work
head just above the waterline I go
with my tiny captains and charter firmly in hand

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my keyboard is on the fritz
my life is slowly settling into a normalcy that actually freaks me out
it's a good thing but so very strange
I'm living in a house now no longer in the space upstairs from the shop
I've got a nice fenced yard for the boys and a few other things that make this tiny little house perfect for us
it's just the right ammt of space
I had way too much space before but this is perfect
easier to keep clean and tidy I let a lot go in the move
probably not as much as I should have but I've got some storage in this space so it's working out ok
my winter goals include hat making, taxidermy and painting
as well as designing something for my living room wall above the couch
there are still things to be done to the house
waiting on things to happen
but I'm settled in and moving on
I'm working 7 days/wk and that's an absolute necessity right now
back to going to the Y
I missed a week 2wks ago due to illness both the boys and I
and I got so sick from it the importance of exercise in my life cannot be stated enough
speaking of which I have a few things to do
and then I'm off to the Y then work then hopefully dinner at the new place with family and friends
I am happy
I am working to get my stride back completely
or form the new one I need
more than likely the latter
I will try my best to write here more often
as I love LJ and it's been so good to me over the years
and seems to be dwindling for one liner spots like FB and twitter
I can't even see the comparison bc this is a place for real writing and real lives
but the internet is probably, like all other things, ruled by the tweens with all the cash so we must be subject to their whims
they have the time and the money and I'm afraid most of the folks I know in my age range have scant supplies of both
with no child support and no assistance with the boys medical bills things have been tight to put it nicely but I'm hoping with the coming of arrangements I can feel like I'm not sitting on the edge of a cliff
again I'm happy though and the rest will follow

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I made you smile so much for so long that the back of your head hurt
then I realized mine hurt there too
what a strange and wonderful feeling
a moment or three of sheer happiness was definitely due
and it helps me to cope with the rest of what's going on
and what might have to be
calm before the storm?
I surely hope not
but wouldn't be surprised
my neck is a mess and I had a Meniere's attack Sunday
too much salt, not enough water not quite enough sleep
I must be more careful
I rescheduled everyone to make up for it and everything is ok now
but it's not necessary
so I'm going to be more vigilant
and open to the happiness that comes along
because I'm going to need it I think

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finding and making a happy place
had the most wonderful bday party for the kiddos Sun night
lots of toddlers and it came off w/o a hitch
this week has been off and on
back and forth
getting my electrical done
I feel like every week I say next week
I'll move in my art supplies and organize them
there are things I want to do
things I'm doing mostly a drawing for a tattoo
and then tattooing
but I have sewing things I'd like to pursue as well
and that will take a full emptying of my boxes
so next week!
so says I
but for the most part happiness and love surrounds me
balance is slowly being achieved
and the beautiful leaves of Fall welcome me every morning
the ex is not being how I would like for a feeling of security
but I'm hoping that will pass
as the paperwork approaches done
so I'm off to a morning of jogging and hopefully a little shopping
lost all my make up in the move
which is tragic because M bought it all for me for my bday
and I only wear it every few weeks
but when I want it I'd like to have it handy
going to be little red riding hood for halloween
probably a dead version not sure
what's just how I prefer anything I do
ok off to the rest of my day
happiness to all and thank you for your patience and support
this has been a long road and I'm not to the end
but I hope I never am I love the trip
I just want less bumps for a while

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nearing the finish line
today is about reformatting a document
placing the appropriate math
and hopefully having the last debates for some time

I've actually been cleaning and planning packing
trying to figure out the best path for moving out
I want this shit done stat
but will have to sit tight and do what I can
today is all about working out, tattooing and hangin with BBs
I'm tattooing 7days/wk right now
and it sort of makes every day like the last
but it's not terrible I just need a little breakie poo
which is not happening til the middle of Oct at this point
sokay I love my job and am a happy girl