it's the only way to go

11 April 1974
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I type here all the time.
This is my journal, fancy that.

I use this space primarily to talk about and keep track of my progress in the arts.
But I also make to do lists, talk about what I eat and my cooking fun as well as the predictable things a human tends to babble on about.
all the things I really do worth discussing this minute are here: http://www.paintedmonkeytattoo.com
If you like mullets, trannies, other offensive materials and music go here:http://www.humanaftertaste.com

I want to tattoo and make art every day.
I want a farm with goats for milk, cheese & love.
I want a farm with sheep for wool & love.
I want a farm with chickums for eggs, fallen feathers & love.
Give me a farm and let's be pals.
60's/70's, 80's alternative moosick, art, books, crochet, dancing, disco, drawing, graphics/interactive software, human aftertaste, illustration, knitting, making odds & ends, multi-pet owner, needle felting, octopoid, painting, pets, semi-vegitarian, sewing, spinning yarn, tattoo, webdev.